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MintyTime Binary Clock Kit
MintyTime Binary Clock Kit
MintyTime Binary Clock Kit

A binary clock that fits in an Altoids tin.

Like Altoids? Like binary numbers? Like knowing what time it is? If you answered “yes!” to any of those questions, this is probably the perfect kit project for you! Our MintyTime clock kit fits inside of a standard sized Altoids™ tin, and is a great item to display on your desk at work or on your mantle at home. A great ice breaker and conversation piece, impress your friends and colleagues by explaining to them how to read the time of day in Binary Coded Decimal (BCD) format! Each column of LEDs represents one digit of the time in binary, and as a bonus you get a blinking seconds LED. Time is set using independent push-buttons for hours and minutes. We hope you’ll enjoy a sense of accomplishment after assembling this fun and novel project kit.

The MintyTime binary clock kit is a perfect make project which includes both soldering and a physical build. Detailed step by step assembly instructions are at http://MintyTime.com.

Some of the cool features:

* Seconds ‘heartbeat’ LED, 6 hours LEDs and 7 minutes LEDs.
* Light sensitive dimming.
* Long battery life. See how we optimized power usage at the build website.
* Easy to adjust with 2 buttons.
* Fits into an Altoids tin.
* Detailed assembly instructions and theory explaining how it works.

MintyTime is self contained, and uses the 74HC595 shift register and ATtiny2313 chip (you do not need an Arduino).

Note: This kit includes everything you need except the Altoids tin and batteries. If you are a non-US customer, write to us and we can send you a free Altoids tin with your order (we will try to match your color choice, but no guarantees).

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